I make stuff.

Multidisciplinary Developer, Designer, and Engineer.

Creator of the Tetra Framework

a full stack component framework for Django using Alpine.js.

and SudokuToo

a competitive, multiplayer sudoku app. Challenge your friends to complete the grid first!

Co-founder of

an online store for personalised printed gifts and wall art.

I'm a freelance Full Stack Developer and Designer located in Stamford, UK, working with Python, Django, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, and Ionic.

I'm also a Product Design Engineer with experience designing consumer products and medical devices, previously working for EG Technology in Cambridge UK.

Current pet projects: Experimenting with distributed offline enabled editing with Yjs, Tiptap and ProseMirror.

For any work enquiries, please contact me directly at samw at hey dot com.

You can also follow me on twitter @samwillis, and I'm also on GitHub and LinkedIn.